What To Look For When Designing A Company Logo

September 26, 2022
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September 26, 2022 pg-admin

color, shapes, or mascot you use to represent yourselves in the market, however, this identifying factor is one of the most important elements to deliver a richer brand experience to your target audience. The golden arches, the bitten-out apple, the emerald green siren on white cup – reading these logo descriptions immediately brings the brand to your mind, and that is the result of strong branding with a compelling story and using necessary brand elements to communicate that.

Creating a logo design can be a tough decision and process as it is important to ensure that the right logo is created that maintains your brand identity that fits in with customers’ perceptions and delivers your brands messaging effectively.

The following are some of the things to keep in mind when working on creating a memorable brand logo:

  • Be Timeless: A timeless logo is designed keeping in mind simplicity, relevance, memorability, and scalability. If your logo is overcomplicated, it would be difficult to remember, use on various media, or even recognizable.
  • Focus on the Target Audience: the best branding results in a strong connection with the target audience – not everyone. The overall logo should be something that is based on who you want to attract, not your own personal taste.
  • Tell A Story: the best logos tell a story and they make your audiences feel something. Whenever an identity is developed, brand strategists work with deep discovery and brand positioning, and the identity work is rooted in that strategy work. Make sure to create a logo with context in mind, this way the finished product will never surprise the client and it represent a living, visual version of their brand story.
  • Create A Positive Perception: a good logo can stand as a strong impression of what your company is about, it needs to create a positive perception in the minds of your target audience to help them connect with the brand.
  • Avoid Generic Typefaces: unique typography in logo design is the most simple way to look professional otherwise you would just blend into the crowd.
  • Simplicity: Some of the smartest businesses these days are those with the simplest solution to solving a problem, and this philosophy carries through to their branding. It is a focused approach as it allows you to focus on simplicity and not over-design.
  • Authenticity: your logo should be reflecting your values, product, or service. You are the brand, you are unique, and your logo’s job is to be a tool to deliver that to the public. The logo is not what makes the company, the company is what makes the logo.
  • Make It Your Flag: a great logo has the power to communicate your unique brand belief, rally your tribe and set you apart from the competition. Paul Rand said “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”, and your logo is the flag you should be waving.

Of course, there is a lot more goes into deciding what the best logo option for your brand would be whether it be colour, shape, or even type (word mark, icon, emblem, mascot), it does assist the designing process when keeping in mind the above elements to ensure that the best logo is designed for your brand. At Perpetual we understand and study each brand carefully before proceeding with their logo. We carefully study the industry they are in, what beliefs they hold close to their core, and the best way to relay the brand story to the target audience.