How To Choose Best Advertising Agencies in Saudi Arabia

September 22, 2022
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September 22, 2022 pg-admin

With ample choice in the market for us to choose from, it can be a difficult to decide which Advertising agency will be the most suitable to work with when it comes to your business. There are agencies who excel in certain areas of advertising/marketing requirements, whereas others offer cross-channel services that can help you manage all your requirements under one roof. Though initially, most businesses were content with handling their market requirements internally, the industry has vastly evolved and provides the most useful tools to propel a business to success. This requires experts in the field who can not only provide the right tools, but also the right strategies and approach that will be best suited for your business. Finding a team to hire internally who has multiple sets of expertise is not only hard, but can also be costly for a company, and therefore a lot of businesses are open to reaching out to agencies to help them elevate their reach, communication, brand perception and image and make an impression on the market. In a market like Saudi Arabia, which is especially growing at a rapid speed, and new business enter the market with more offerings and a fresher look, it is important for brands to step up their game and rise to the competition to still be in the running. That being said, in order to achieve these marketing goals, it is important to decide which agency best suits your business’ needs and can help you get the results you seek.

Below are some helpful deciding factors that need to be considered when choosing an Advertising Agency in Saudi Arabia:

  • Identify the best potential agency for your business: this will help you identify what the expertise of each agency is. There are some agencies that are good at serving a B2B markets while others are more suited to a B2C. Some agencies will only take accounts that have bigger budgets, while others can accommodate smaller budgets. The first step would be to identify what your business requirements, goals, and KPIs are and then approach agencies who fit the bill. This would requir doing extensive research on the previous work of these agencies, asking peers in the industry which agency they would recommend, and checking online if these are agencies do what they say. This would result in a list of around 6-10 agencies to choose from.
  • Setting up Interviews with the Agencies: Once you have selected the agencies that you wish to work with based on secondary and tertiary research, it is time to do primary research by meeting with the representatives of each of these agencies and asking them the right questions. It is important to ask them questions pertaining to their fees, references of having worked with similar brands to your business, previous work, and what they think they can offer in regards to elevating your brand. After this series of interviews, you will have narrowed down your list of potential agencies further to work with and you will have a better understanding of which agency is best suited for your business. These interviews also help you determine the culture of the agencies, and help you realize if they are the best fit for you to work with or not. An agency’s culture and values aligning with your business is key to a good working relationship and it is key to making sure your advertising goals are achieved.
  • Invite the candidates to pitch their services: This step invites the agencies to take a closer look at your business and your previous and current marketing practices. This will show you whether the agency actually understands your business, the quality of their team (making sure the same people on the pitch deck are the same as the ones who will be working your account), the quality of their strategic-level ideas and can identify if they truly understand your business, your brief, and your requirements as to what you have in mind about your business’ marketing goals and how can they build on that and make it better. Their proposed media mix, the quality of their optimization tools and cross-channel reporting abilities.
  • Pick your final choice: though this can be a tough decision, however, having seen what each agency offers, their understanding of the market you exist in and their business, it should be easier to decide which agency will best serve your advertising needs. Following this, a contract is to be drawn up which is in the interest of both parties and states clearly the delivery and expectations from both sides. A project and execution timeline should also be delivered by the agency upon signing so that you are aware of each milestone. Advertising relies heavily on the tools used and data produced from these, the agency should also be providing regular reports on each campaign and its results to analyse performance and see if anything within the advertising plan/strategy needs to be changed or enhanced.
  • At Perpetual Agency, we follow the above steps with each of our clients to help them feel comfortable working with us and we provide them with the necessary information they require that allows us to be leading contenders as one of the best advertising agencies to work with in Saudi Arabia. We have a team of experts who are continuously studying the market and we keep ourselves updates with the latest tools that are used to optimize all our of clients’ advertising needs to deliver the best results for their business. Our goal is to meet the goals of our clients and to provide them with the best strategies and devices to reach their advertising KPIs.