Perpetual Strategic Group strives to reach its billion-dollar goal

November 1, 2020
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November 1, 2020 pg-admin

Perpetual Strategic Group strives to reach its billion-dollar goal

Perpetual Strategic Services announced this month that it has reached a growth of 44% during 2020, and procedures for the transformation into a holding company will soon be completed, in line with its strategy to invest in human wealth and attract unique national and international work force. This transformation is possible because of the strong structure built by the group’s board of directors, who also aim to reinvest in the company.

“The group is proud of this growth and reliance on its national work force to achieve it, and we are always keen to invest in our employees, through comprehensive training programs to contribute and provide the labor market with competitive services and outputs,” said Mr. Ahmed Al-Massari, CEO of ^Perpetual.

Mr. Massari pointed out that the ^Perpetual groups ambitious plan to expand and develop its business inside and outside the Arabian Gulf until the company and its investments become Arab brands that expand worldwide, and thus aims to achieve a market value equivalent to one billion Saudi riyals during the coming years.

It is worth noting that the Perpetual Group owns stakes in companies providing three services; Financial services which provide feasibility study, business plan, financial plan, etc., marketing and advertising services, and business identity services. In addition to companies representing the group’s investments in skin care products, hair products, mobile accessories, and online training courses.

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