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Introducing ADIBA, a distinguished High Jewelry House that creates uniquely tailored, handcrafted creations inspiring elegance, glamour, and confidence. With a focus on extraordinary experiences, ADIBA invites individuals to explore a timeless universe of alluring marvels, celebrating their unique beauty and empowering self-expression. With refined beauty and cutting-edge craftsmanship, ADIBA crafts emblematic pieces that tell wonderful stories and realize dreams.

Perpetual and the Social Media Team:
The creative advertising agency, Perpetual Company, aims to fulfill the goals of Adiba. This can be done through their services, such as assigning Adiba’s social media platform to the Perpetual Social Media Team. Firstly, the creative advertising agency will work on keeping the audience posted about the product availability.

That involves vivid images of each piece of jewelry by creating posts with engaging and catchy headlines. Secondly, social media advertising can be used to share customer testimonials or case studies to demonstrate customer satisfaction. Video editing is an additional service to accelerate the awareness of Adiba’s brand. Since it is done in the hands of professionals and experts, it could go viral. Consequently, it makes the name of company more familiar at the back of the customer’s mind, which can later be a topic for word-of-mouth advertising.

Benefits behind Advertising:

Many renowned or local brands enter fierce competition for accessories and jewelry in the modern era. Due to that, each strives to gain that USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to attract the targeted audience, mainly women and young ladies who find joy in elegancy. Focusing on the quality of the product should not only be the focus because content development is as significant as ensuring high-quality products. As a result, the creative advertising agency also works on content development to achieve the following benefits:

  • Improves SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Establishes thought leadership and expertise
  • Assists sales team

Develops connection with the target audience

Unique content is a smart investment. When Adiba take support of creative advertising agency, they apprehend the expectations of audiences. This not only results in making people understand more about your Adiba’s jewelry line, but they tend to rely on your product and services. Most importantly, once they get along with the audience, building optimistic experiences for their probable customers can be achieved easily.