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ALTANFEETHI, our esteemed client, has a prestigious history since 1979, serving as an office for official ceremonies and hosting esteemed delegations. In March 2021, it transformed into ALTANFEETHI Company under the General Authority of Civil Aviation. Managing 27 terminals across all Kingdom airports, ALTANFEETHI has become a leading service provider, offering exceptional experiences to VIP travelers. As their privileged partner, we contribute to their commitment to excellence in aviation services and hospitality.

Creative Concept

Above the sunrise

The creative direction visual is designed to evoke a sense of adventure, excitement and luxury. waking up in the morning and taking a flight to a special destination. The sun is just starting to rise and you look out the window to see the world slowly come to life. The beautiful golden hues of the sun, the fluffy clouds, and the clear blue sky create a breathtaking view.

Travel in Luxury campaign will appeal to those seeking a new adventure, a brighter future, and a luxurious experience. It aims to inspire people to take action towards achieving their goals and living their best life.

The Airplane window

Looking out the window represents Perspective and Opportunity, Windows allow us to see the outside world and broaden our perspective and are often seen as a means of a chance to make a change in the world we live in.

Showcasing the inspiring view witnessed while looking out of an airplane window. We’ll focus on the power of the sky to mesmerize and captivate the viewer, highlighting the sunrise, clouds and luxury flying experience that unfolds below.