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Saudi Cup

The Saudi Cup 2023 is the fourth renewal of the world’s most valuable race at King Abdulaziz Racecourse in Riyadh and is organized by the Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia. The JCSA’s main responsibility is the organization, development and promotion of Saudi Arabian horse racing at both domestic and international levels. This year, the JCSA assigned us to develop and manage the marketing campaign to promote ticket sales for the event through brand building and sales activation.

Client’s Challenges

We first looked at the main challenge that the event is facing and that is the lack of the target audience’s awareness about the activities that are going to be held during the Saudi Cup. Due to this, people do not have a strong emotional attachment to the event. Our solution to this was to increase brand awareness about the Saudi Cup’s cultural activities, making it a trendy event that people look forward to. Through this, the pubic can view horse racing through a different lens, relating it to cultural heritage and enjoying the experience the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Our Strategic Approach

We used marketing psychology techniques to grab the audience’s attention as well as impact their thoughts and emotions. We associated Saudi Cup with positive sensations which would resonate with the audience and impact their decision-making process, driving up ticket sales and building brand loyalty.


The marketing techniques used in the visuals are: color priming, color psychology and emotional appeals. Based on psychology, apart from grabbing the audience’s attention, color priming is used to build brand recognition and to impact the audience’s emotions. Moreover, based on experiments and studies, participants associated brighter and more saturated colors with the emotion of joy which is why we selected these colors for our visuals.


The campaign was launched on digital channels and OOH platforms targeting the Saudi and GCC markets. Held on February 24-25, 2023, the event was a success and was attended by spectators and horse racing enthusiasts from across the region. In total, the marketing campaign garnered 7,541,164 clicks and 249,245,518 impressions.


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