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Introducing the Client

Al Dawaa is one of the largest pharmaceutical chains brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with presence in across all major digital channels. Their marketing team wanted to increase exposure and sales from Google Ads.

Client’s Challenges

The main challenges that the team considered and studied before starting any stage were:

–Rebuild the commercial identity of  Al Dawaa Pharmacy without obliterating its previous basic identity to create a new and modern identity adhering to its values ​​rooted in its long history in the sector.

–Enhancing the company’s digital visibility due to the weakness of that aspect, especially in the finance sector, and highlighting its voice in the digital world and beyond, to appear in a manner befitting its history.

–Increasing brand awareness and portraying its experiences and history to the public.

Our Strategic Approach

As with any of our branding projects, we start off with a thorough audit and research the brand’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as its competitors’ and benchmarks’, followed by a brand workshop where we help the key stakeholders discover the brand’s true essence through a series of interactive activities. Analyzing all the information gathered in the workshop, we developed a strong brand strategy which then served as the basis for the creative development process.

Keeping in mind the client’s high regard for the brand identity that has served the organization for many decades, we carefully curated different new brand identity options that incorporated the key elements that the client felt strongly to keep. After a few review sessions and some adjustments here and there, Al Dawaa Pharmacy’s new brand identity was officially signed off.

The brand guidelines, brand toolkit, and media test were also delivered to complete the full branding project.

Google ads.

We don’t talk the talk. We talk numbers.

The message, medium, and target all work together in great advertising. It’s a mathematical formula that can be modeled, well-planned, and boosted by outstanding creative work. We start with the math, then create thorough plans, solid deployment techniques, measure with analytics, and collaborate to create disruption. It is possible for creativity to be subjective. The end result is anything but that.

The goals:

● Their main goal was to establish presence and relevance on Google Search
● To outperform competitors Search Ads
● Drive traffic at a profitable cost per acquisition (CPA)

The approach:

^Perpetual team organized a Google Search Ads campaign targeting brand-related keywords as well as product and competing keywords. Our strategy is to use the Target CPA bid strategy with a specific Target CPA. We use Responsive Search Ads structure to drive the best possible optimization.

The results:

● Achieving a CTR (Click Thru Ratio) of over 30% for search ads while the market average is just 2%
● Achieving a CTR (Click Thru Ratio) of over 1.5% for shopping ads while the market average is just 0.86%
● Increasingly lower CPAs month after month
● Significant conversion gains in a short period of time








Video is the most effective form of communication. With the right in-house team, we create consistent and unique video content that boosts engagement, brand visibility, sales opportunities, and all your other business goals.

Video 1.0

Video 2.0

Video 3.0


Al Dawaa Pharmacy’s new brand identity was positively received by the organization’s key stakeholders as well as team members and has since been used in all marketing materials both online and offline. 

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Project Management, Audit & Research, Brand Workshop, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Rollout, Environmental Branding, Brand Guidelines, Brand Toolkit, Media Test.