A Context in Which Analysis is Gold


Data-based decisions serve as the driving force for your brand in the marketing field, and the focal points of this data revolve around your customer and industry, encompassing opinions and discussions.

What does your customer like or dislike? What are people saying about you? And how is your competitor winning? The fundamental question here, however, is; “How do we reach these conclusions that matter to us, and why?

Which lead to one answer…

Social Listening

It is more than just a smart tool; it is a strategic approach that plays the role of a monitor on social media platforms. It observes conversations and engagements rates, tracks them, and analyzes them.

Here is where our team’s role begins in intelligently utilizing this data, transforming it from mere numbers and letters into actions, decisions, and profits.

Dimensions of Social Listening (Value)

Know Your People, Know Your Direction

Your Reputation is Number #1
Let Them Hear Your Voice

My Competitor is My Friend

Why Should I Choose Perpetual to Listen on My Behalf?