How To Choose The Best Web Design Agency

August 4, 2022
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August 4, 2022 pg-admin

Before we dive into determining which is the best Web Design Agency in Riyadh or even the best web design agency in Saudi Arabia as a whole, that is able to fulfill our website needs, we must truly understand what comprises “web design”, what are its components and what are some of the most effective ways to work on and deliver a compelling web design.

Web Design is quite simply that, the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It is the user experience or user journey as they are navigating through a website and focuses more on the aesthetics and visual part of a website as opposed to the software development. Initially, websites were designed for website browsers, however, as technology advanced and with new devices being used to view media, websites have been designed also to accommodate viewing on various sized tablets and mobile screens.

The aesthetics that web design focuses on are appearance, layout, and content. These elements are put together by the usage of proper brand colours, font, and images that relate to the content. The layout is a critical part of web design as it determines how the information is structured. An effective web design helps build the trust of target audiences and strays away from any extra functionalities or elements that will distract or disrupt the user journey.

Making sure the design translates well onto the screen, websites need to be designed either in either the responsive or adaptive design. Responsive is when the content moves to adjust the size of the screen it is being viewed on, whereas in Adaptive design the content is fixed in layout size and it is designed for common screen sizes.

The signs of a good Web Design Agency who understand that and deliver on your expectations of having a web design that communicates your brand to your audiences. According to studies, a high percentage of consumers say website design is one of the main factors when determining the credibility of a business, while another factor of determining whether a website is worth engaging with is the layout. Before you choose a web design agency, here are some factors to consider:

1. Looking at the agency’s portfolio:
Aesthetics are incredibly important when it comes to web design. Consumers will spend a significant amount of time looking at a well-designed website as opposed to a simple one. Looking through a company’s portfolio can help you determine their creative capabilities and you can decide for yourself if their calibre of work matches your requirements.

2. Website Features:
Web design agencies can incorporate various features on the web design based on the kind of website you are looking to develop. While some agencies offer customers customized websites – ie: the customers can choose every single feature of the website – others provide “off the shelf” solutions which offer an all-in-one solution type and are a cheaper option as opposed to a bespoke website – which, in the long run, can turn out to be an investment in the future due to high traffic, uniqueness, and potentially sales.

3. Check Google for high-ranking web design agencies:
Agencies who show up on the first pages of Google most likely use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to aid with increased visibility and it would likely be able to assist you with optimizing your page for lead generation as well.

4. Ask Questions:
Before you dive in and sign with a web design agency, it is important to meet with members of the team who will be working on your project and ask them all the necessary questions. Though most if the information you need to know would be available on their website, but it is also necessary to be on the same page before the work commences. Questions can be related to design, working timeline, content generation, price and any hidden costs, number of resources it will take to work on the project and so on.

5. Page Loading Times:
Combined with good aesthetics, the loading speed of the website is also crucial in determining whether or not a website makes a good impact. If the webpages take too long to load, you risk increasing your “churn” rate (which is the number of people who visit your site and then click “back” if the site is taking too long to load). Eye-catching web pages are great, however, an agency needs to keep in mind that the pages they create need not be too heavy that slow the site down.

Keeping all these factors in mind, it should be relatively easier to choose the best web design agency, especially in a region such as Saudi Arabia which has a large amount of web design agencies. Some of the best web design agencies in Riyadh, and even Saudi Arabia offer their clients 360 web design and development services to help enhance their business practices, their online presence and their overall brand image.

At Perpetual Agency, one of our greatest strength lies within building aesthetically beautiful and sustainable web designs and websites. From the moment we meet with our clients and understand their business requirements, our creativity kicks into gear and we work towards creating designs that tell the story of your brand in an impactful way and then build on that to deliver a website thats communicates what your business is about, the services/products that you offer, and how to you can add value to the lives of your customers! We diligently follow through with and communicate with our clients every step of the way and ensure the end result is a product that you envisioned. If you are looking to create a website, or need a web design, visit our website: for more information and get in touch to see how Perpetual can help you with your business!