What brand identity distinguishes you from your competitors? Advice from the ^Perpetual experts

March 22, 2021
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March 22, 2021 pg-admin

When we cross the road on foot or even by car, we see several () belonging to many shops from different industries such as libraries, restaurants, tailors, groceries, etc… but why do only a few remain in our minds?

This is definitely due to the brand identity and its types!

In this article, we will explain the two most important levels of brand identity design.

Brand identity design is divided into several levels and types according to its strategic return on investment (ROI), the most important of which are:

Basic brand identity:
It is the identity that we are accustomed to seeing around us and is repeated with most projects, focusing on shape and color, but its impact is superficial, short-term, and often misses the story behind the creation of the logo and the rest of the identity components. It is often created in a hurry with no attention to detail, the project, or its background.

Elaborate brand identity:
It is an identity that is based on scientific and psychological foundations to create a special story and an influential case, targeting the feelings and needs of the target group. Its impact is deep and long-term and prioritizes the story and the impression more than shapes or forms and requires knowledge of all the details of the project and its owner.

Therefore, when choosing the design of your brand identity for your project, always make sure that you choose a reliable company that informs you of all the details of designing the identity, and uses psychological and scientific meanings instead of superficial, momentary goals to keep your brand identity memorable in the minds of your consumers.