3 successful and unconventional Ecommerce Ideas – Exclusive Ideas from the ^Perpetual Team

March 22, 2021
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March 22, 2021 pg-admin

The many changes that have occurred in the markets indicate an imminent end to the popularity of traditional stores and the revival of electronic stores! The latest statistics published on ecommerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shows that ecommerce revenues are expected to reach more than 8 billion US dollars. We must all take advantage of this opportunity to enter the world of ecommerce and create a distinctive online store with an unconventional idea, and this is exactly what we will present to you in this article by reviewing 3 ideas for electronic stores free from sharp competition.

Unconventional online store ideas:
1) An online store idea to sell educational literature
There are many specialists, researchers, and readers who have recipes and steps for life or educational matters, but they lack a proper platform that can publish and organize the sale of such information. So, the idea of selling educational literature that does not exceed twenty pages is a smart idea which does not require much effort to be applied and implemented. All you have to do is design an attractive and integrated online store, arrange the topics covered by the literature, communicate with identified and selected specialists and start this successful project.

2) An online store idea to sell supporting videos
There are many online stores that specialize in selling videos that reflect specific situations such as (sports, breakfast, anger, fights, studies…) and others, but there are no Arabic-focused websites with this idea. And since there are currently many talented Arab youths, you can harness the capabilities of these Arab photographers to prepare videos with Arabic content and sell it through your online store.

3) An online store idea to sell gift ideas and dedications
You may think that it is a crazy idea, but it is a creative idea that is applicable and competitive as most of us feel confused when we want to buy a gift for a loved one. This online store idea will solve this problem by suggesting various gift ideas according to age, taste, gender, and social status of the recipient while writing special and thoughtful words to accompany the gift. You can also provide an additional service which recommends shops that provide and sell the suggested gift idea, thus doubling the income from the consumer and the advertiser.

These ideas are not the only ones that may succeed, and our advice to you is to select an idea that you like, start immediately without procrastination, and seize the opportunity by designing your online store and start selling online.