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Founded in 1964, Bose, with its profound principles of innovation, cooperation, growth, and financial feasibility, has led the American manufacturing industry by providing excellent home audio systems and speakers, noise-canceling headphones, professional audio products, and automobile sound systems.

Client’s Challenges

The main challenges that the team considered and studied before starting any stage were:

–Rebuild the commercial identity of  Bose without obliterating its previous basic identity to create a new and modern identity adhering to its values ​​rooted in its long history in the sector.

–Enhancing the company’s digital visibility due to the weakness of that aspect, especially in the finance sector, and highlighting its voice in the digital world and beyond, to appear in a manner befitting its history.

–Increasing brand awareness and portraying its experiences and history to the public.

Our Strategic Approach

As with any of our branding projects, we start off with a thorough audit and research the brand’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as its competitors’ and benchmarks’, followed by a brand workshop where we help the key stakeholders discover the brand’s true essence through a series of interactive activities. Analyzing all the information gathered in the workshop, we developed a strong brand strategy which then served as the basis for the creative development process.

Keeping in mind the client’s high regard for the brand identity that has served the organization for many decades, we carefully curated different new brand identity options that incorporated the key elements that the client felt strongly to keep. After a few review sessions and some adjustments here and there, Bose’s new brand identity was officially signed off.

The brand guidelines, brand toolkit, and media test were also delivered to complete the full branding project.

The goals:

● To achieve high traffic and great number of qualified leads using paid media.
● Use Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok to achieve our goals.

The approach:

Our team at ^Perpetual ran different campaigns to maximize the desired results. We developed an awareness, reach and lead generation via traffic campaign. Together, the campaigns helped increase awareness and reach new audiences on social media platforms, generate targeted traffic from the ads and increase the number of qualified leads registering.

The results:

● Achieving 6,365,002 Impressions and 3,155,854 Reach in just 30 days.







Google shopping ads

2nd on Google ads



Bose’s new brand identity was positively received by the organization’s key stakeholders as well as team members and has since been used in all marketing materials both online and offline. 

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