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Equestrian Authority

The Equestrian Authority serves as the overarching organization responsible for setting out processes of governance across all work streams of horse sports in Saudi Arabia such as horse racing, show jumping, and dressage. Under its jurisdiction are four horse sports entities namely The Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia (JCSA), Polo, Equestrian Federation, and Showing Arabians.

Client’s Challenges

With horse sports at the core of Saudi Arabia’s heritage and culture, the kingdom needed a focal entity with the authority to oversee and unify all of KSA’s equine-related activities, thus the Equestrian Authority was formed. The Equestrian Authority needed a strong brand strategy and brand identity that would help position it as the key facilitator of equine-related initiatives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and an entity that will inspire growth and development within its industry, in cooperation with the four entities under its umbrella.

Our Strategic Approach

To develop a brand that will support, promote and spread awareness about the kingdom’s horse racing heritage for years to come, and be able to establish strong and long-lasting partnerships not only within the kingdom but also regionally and internationally, we needed to dive deep into the brand’s true essence, strengths and personality. We did this through a brand workshop which was conducted with the organization’s key stakeholders followed by developing a strong brand strategy to put all of our workshop findings and analysis in a comprehensive document that will serve as a guide for all communications in the future.


This brand strategy was then brought to life by developing the brand identity which incorporates Saudi Arabia’s map, a horse head, and an arrow. Together, these key elements form the Equestrian Authority’s new brand identity. Following this, the brand rollout was developed which consisted of multiple collateral items such as stationery, signage, email signature, calendar design, and ID cards to name a few. The brand guidelines, brand toolkit, and media test were also delivered to complete the full branding project.


The new brand identity serves as the overarching identity for all horse-related activities in the kingdom and will help position Saudi Arabia as the leader and a force to be reckoned with in the equine industry on both a regional and global scale.

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Services Delivered

Project Management, Audit & Research, Brand Workshop, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Rollout, Brand Guidelines, Brand Toolkit, Media Test