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Since 1979, ALTANFEETHI has been synonymous with aviation excellence. Initially a hub for official ceremonies, it has evolved into a premier service provider in the industry. Today, managing 27 terminals across Kingdom airports, ALTANFEETHI caters to VIP travelers’ discerning needs. As their privileged partner, Perpetual Agency enhances ALTANFEETHI’s commitment to excellence through our comprehensive suite of services, including social media management.

Services Provided:


  1. Creative Direction:

Our team at Perpetual Agency offers strategic creative direction , aligning ALTANFEETHI’s brand vision with innovative marketing solutions. Through meticulous planning and execution we ensure that ALTANFEETHI’s brand is identity consistently communicated across all channels.


  1. Advertising:

Leveraging our expertise in advertising we craft compelling campaigns tailored to ALTANFEETHI’s target audience. From print to digital, our advertisements are designed to captivate and engage , driving brand awareness and loyalty .


  1. Social Media Management:

Social Media is Management at the core of our strategy for ALTANFEETHI. We employ a multi-faceted approach encompassing content creation, community engagement analytics and advertising . By leveraging platforms such as Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn, and YouTube we amplify ALTANFEETHI’s presence meaningful fostering connections with worldwide travelers. dedicated Our team curates engaging posts, responds promptly to inquiries and monitors trends to ensure ALTANFEETHI remains at the forefront of social media conversations .


  1. Photography and Videography:

Visual storytelling is paramount in today’s digital landscape . Our skilled photographers and videographers capture the essence of ALTANFEETHI’s unparalleled hospitality and service offerings creating compelling visual content that resonates with audiences across various social media platforms . breathtaking From aerial shots of airport terminals to behind-the-scenes glimpses of VIP lounges, our content showcases ALTANFEETHI’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences .

Creative Concept

Above the sunrise

The creative direction visual is designed to evoke a sense of adventure, excitement and luxury. waking up in the morning and taking a flight to a special destination. The sun is just starting to rise and you look out the window to see the world slowly come to life. The beautiful golden hues of the sun, the fluffy clouds, and the clear blue sky create a breathtaking view.

Travel in Luxury campaign will appeal to those seeking a new adventure, a brighter future, and a luxurious experience. It aims to inspire people to take action towards achieving their goals and living their best life.

The Airplane window

Looking out the window represents Perspective and Opportunity, Windows allow us to see the outside world and broaden our perspective and are often seen as a means of a chance to make a change in the world we live in.

Showcasing the inspiring view witnessed while looking out of an airplane window. We’ll focus on the power of the sky to mesmerize and captivate the viewer, highlighting the sunrise, clouds and luxury flying experience that unfolds below.

Our Approach:

At Perpetual Agency we understand that brand every is unique and our approach to working with ALTANFEETHI reflects this. collaborate We closely with ALTANFEETHI’s team to gain deep insights into their brand values, target audience, and business objectives .This collaborative approach allows us to develop customized strategies and creative solutions that drive tangible results and uphold ALTANFEETHI’s reputation as an industry leader.



With a legacy spanning over four decades, ALTANFEETHI Company continues to set the standard for excellence in aviation services and hospitality . As their trusted partner Perpetual Agency is honored to contribute to their continued success through our comprehensive marketing services particularly in Social Media Management.Together we are committed to shaping memorable experiences for VIP travelers and maintaining ALTANFEETHI’s position as a beacon of excellence in the aviation industry .